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  • Hush anthology: Second edition

    In this anthology Hush, we have tried to portray the horror of reality that could hit us anytime and the fears that are hidden or neglected in a world where the horror is caged within villains that we might never come across in this lifetime like hungry zombies, thirsty vampires, and vengeful spirits.

  • When nature beckons you

    “When Nature Beckons You” is a collection of poetry unique and special to the lovers of nature and poetry alike. It will make you feel love, pain, joy and peace at a whole new level. It will take you into the ocean of beauties you’ve never seen or thought of. It will beckon you in like never before, be your companion, your listener. It will let you loose and be your solace when nothing seems to be. It will make you one amongst nature’s love and never let you feel alone.

    Lover of nature or not, this book promises to make you fall in love with nature harder than ever before. Journeying from the small dew drops on the leaves to the vast skies, to the waters beneath and animals awry. To a world at the brink of destruction by excess exploitation, and the solemn calmness nestled in the heart of nature— the book covers it all, making you delve into a world you’ve never been before.